Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization

Aim & Objectives

The main objective/aim of setting up of the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is to build up, improve and administer the research activities/ programs and to link it to the learning, societal and economic priorities of the IBADAT International University Islamabad. To assure that the research quality reflects the international standards as well as advances the standing of the IIUI among the world’s best universities. To make easy various research activities that promise success in research and development in the IIUI


  • The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) has been established to represent the university’s interests in research and development,
  • ORIC is responsible for spreading awareness to students regarding scholarships and travel grants for participation in seminar, conference, workshops, etc.
  • ORIC is responsible for spreading awareness to teachers (faculty members) about various research programs including HEC-research grants, national and international research and projects announced from time to time.
  • ORIC is responsible to assist the faculty members of all disciplines in research project, research proposal development
  • ORIC is responsible for providing linkage to various industries, organizations, donor/funding agencies.
  • It is the responsibility of the ORIC to Coordinate development projects and competitions in the university
  • ORIC is responsible to identify and communicate research opportunities to faculty members of the university
  • ORIC is responsible to encourage faculty members for publishing research work in impacted and prestigious national and international journals
  • Responsible to support faculty members in patent filling and encouraging university to develop industry linkage
  • ORIC is responsible to conduct training sessions, research and development programs in various disciplines of the university in form of symposium, seminar, workshop, conference, etc.
  • To discuss research & development projects with faculty/ applicants for their active participation in those activities and managing related contracts, etc.
  • To manage database for research and development, which is essential for the management of the various disciplines of the university and to carry out associated analyses
  • ORIC will be responsible for keeping record and organizing report of all the research & development activities at IIUI.
  • To identify new ways or opportunities for collaboration of research funding.
  • ORIC will be responsible to give official, financial, and managerial support for research grants, etc.

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