Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization


Due to the increasing number of post-graduate research students occupied in high-level research, and the opportunity for commercialization of research, it is necessary to increase the capacity building of academic departments of IBADAT International University Islamabad (IIUI) to handle research activities. In this regard, the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)-IIUI will set the pace to match up the challenges faced in the research innovation and commercialization. The ORIC-IBADAT International University Islamabad will provide continuous support and services relating to research and development, research innovation and commercialization, national and international collaboration, patent filling, and conducting seminars, workshops, and conferences, etc. The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization is critical for all the research activities at various disciplines of the IBADAT International University Islamabad.

About ORIC

Vision: ORIC envisions a future where groundbreaking research, innovation, and entrepreneurship converge to address the world’s most pressing challenges. We aspire to be a catalyst for research advancement and driving economic growth. Our vision is to position ORIC at IBADAT International University Islamabad as a leading hub of innovation and a key player in shaping the future through research excellence and impactful commercialization efforts.

Mission: To promote and strengthen research and research-related activities in all disciplines at IBADAT International University Islamabad. Our mission is to foster a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration in research and development. ORIC is dedicated to driving excellence in research, innovation, and commercialization.

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